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I represent and fight for the rights of individuals in Lafayette and other
parishes of Acadia who are facing criminal charges.
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Defense Against Drug Dealing, Possession And Manufacturing Charges

If you are facing drug charges in Lafayette Parish, St. Martin Parish or other surrounding Parishes along the Interstate 10 corridor, you have the right to dedicated defense counsel. Since becoming a criminal defense attorney in 2003, I have been focused on fighting to protect my clients’ rights. The prosecutor will do whatever it takes to convict you. My law firm, Donald D. Cleveland, APLC, can help you level the playing field and help you seek the best possible results.

Ready To Represent You In All Types Of Drug Cases

I can defend you against any drug-related crimes involving marijuana, cocaine, prescription drugs and more, including:

  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Possession
  • Possession with intent to distribute
  • Trafficking

My Time-Tested Process For Dealing With Drug Charges

Our first concern is getting you out of jail. Judges often set bond quite high for drug charges. I can file for a bond reduction and do everything possible to get you out of jail and back with your family during the trial. Next, I will investigate your case to determine the quality of the prosecutor’s case against you, considering factors like:

  • The search of the vehicle, person or residence
  • The officer(s) who made the stop, search and arrest
  • The owner of the vehicle
  • The location, quantity and type of narcotics seized
  • Any statements made to the police
  • For drugs allegedly found in a residence, the circumstances surrounding the police’s entry into the home
  • The potential penalties that you could receive
  • Whether there exists any potential to have the court suppress state’s evidence

Using these factors, I will consult with you to determine the best plan going forward for you and your family. Sometimes the prosecutor has a very strong case, and it is in the best interest of the client to negotiate a favorable plea bargain, which may include a lesser offense. And sometimes it is more appropriate to take your case to trial and fight for a not-guilty verdict.

As a lawyer, I take an aggressive, proactive approach with research and motions, weakening the prosecutor’s case from the beginning to give you the best chance possible in negotiation or trial.

When facing drug charges in Louisiana, there is much more than just your immediate comfort and standard of living at stake; it is about your future and your family’s future. That’s what I am fighting for.

Call Me Before Taking On Drug Charges

I provide confidential consultations, and I can meet with you evenings and weekends by appointment. Contact me online today or call 337-205-0319.

Located in downtown Lafayette, I serve the parishes along I-10 from Jefferson Davis Parish to St. Martin Parish.