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Probation And Parole Violation

When a person receives probation or parole, he or she must comply with the terms of the probation or parole. If that individual violates any terms of probation or parole, he or she can face enhanced penalties and incarceration. My goal is to help you resolve this matter as efficiently as possible and keep you out of jail.

At the law firm of Donald D. Cleveland, APLC, in Lafayette, Louisiana, my legal practice is built on professionalism, integrity and compassion. As your St. Martin Parish violating parole defense attorney, I can protect your rights and help minimize the consequences of these accusations. Contact me today to arrange an initial consultation.

Examples Of Violating Probation And Parole

Probation is an alternative to a jail or prison sentence. Parole is when you are released from jail prior to your entire sentence being served. While you are not in jail, you are still under the rules of the court. You will be required to follow all of the conditions of probation or parole. Any violation of the terms can result in serious penalties. As a skilled Lafayette probation violation lawyer, I defend people who have bench warrants for their arrests and other legal problems due to failing to follow the terms. Some examples of probation and parole violations include:

  • Failing to pay court fines, fees or costs
  • Failing to complete or participate in community service
  • Failing to complete or participate in drug and/or alcohol abuse treatment
  • Failing to pay criminal restitution
  • Failing to pass a drug test
  • Getting arrested for a new offense

I know that this matter can impact many parts of your life, including your future, your relationships and your family. I strive to resolve the matter swiftly by having the violation withdrawn whenever possible.

Do You Need Immediate Legal Assistance For Violating Parole?

Contact my firm online now or call 337-205-0319 if you or a loved one has been charged with or arrested for failing to comply with the terms of probation or parole.

Located near downtown Lafayette, I serve the parishes along I-10 from Jefferson Davis Parish to St. Martin Parish, and the parishes along I-49 from St. Landry Parish to St. Mary Parish. I can meet with you evenings and weekends by appointment.