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Clear Your Record And Move Forward From The Past

An expungement removes a conviction from public access on your record. This can be a tremendously valuable tool for you, giving you a much brighter future regarding the job market and your personal reputation.

The Importance Of Early Planning

Early planning is important. For many crimes in Louisiana, even during the trial process, we can ask for a change in sentence to allow for later expungement. Without this change, you might not ever be able to have your record expunged in the future. If you facing any type of criminal charges either call my Lafayette law firm or e-mail me today for a consultation with an attorney.

I know how much a permanent record can harm you and your family. When I’m working on an expungement case, I know I’m fighting for your future.

Can I Get My Record Expunged?

The possibility to clear or seal your criminal record differs depending on whether the crime is a felony or misdemeanor.

  • For felony convictions, you only get one expungement for your life, and you must fit within certain criteria regarding the types of crimes available for expungement.
  • For misdemeanor convictions, the process is similar, but you are more likely to have a more favorable ruling, and you have the opportunity for more than one.

Put The Past Behind You

I don’t take my job as a lawyer lightly. I know that the results of your criminal trial or expungement proceedings will have dramatic affects on you and your family for the rest of your life. So I literally am fighting for your life and your future when I represent you. Either call my office or send me an e-mail.

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