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Firm Overview

Criminal Defense Attorney Fighting for the Accused

The people accused of a crime in this country face difficult times and the process is a strain on the individual and his or her family; fortunately we have laws in place to protect you and give you an opportunity to defend yourself against the purported allegations. If you find yourself accused of a crime, you need a lawyer who cares about the outcome of your case and can fight for your future.

I know the importance of quality criminal defense; in fact I became an attorney and opened my own law firm to help individuals and their families through the difficult legal process when a loved one has been accused of a crime. From my Lafayette, Louisiana, office, I stand beside the accused and fight for your future.

You Are More than Just a Case to Me

My clients are consistently happy with the quality of my legal representation, because I give my clients:

  • Respect: I know that there is much more to you than the crime for which you are accused. I treat you like a person and I take the time to learn about your needs and goals for your representation.
  • Help: If you are facing repeat charges for drugs, DUI or violent crimes, I can help you find the resources and help you need to turn your life around.
  • Professionalism: I will take the time to work with you, helping you through your problems and fighting vigorously in your defense. I am fighting for more than just lenient sentences and smaller fines — I am fighting for you and your family's future.

Fighting for the American Ideals

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

I still believe that you are innocent until proven guilty, whether you are charged with a drug crime, OWI, DWI, DUI or something far more severe. The fact is, however, sometimes in this country we need to fight for that ideal. Many people will judge you guilty before your criminal trial has even started, and I am here to be an advocate for you, making sure you are judged fairly.

Your Right to Counsel

I believe everyone in this country should have access to quality criminal defense representation. I offer a initial consultation, and I work hard to provide the best defense possible. Either call my Lafayette Parish office or send me an e-mail.

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