Integrity. Compassion.
I represent and fight for the rights of
individuals in Lafayette and other parishes of
Acadiana who are facing criminal charges.

Criminal Charges Require Quick Legal Action

“If you have been arrested on criminal charges, it is crucial to get the help of an experienced, knowledgeable defense
attorney who will do what it takes to defend your rights.

At the law firm of Donald D. Cleveland, APLC, I emphasize professionalism, integrity and compassion in my legal
representation. I became a criminal defense lawyer because I truly believe in your Constitutional right to legal
representation. Contact my Lafayette office today by calling 337-205-0319.”




Drug Crimes


Internet And Computer Crimes




Collar Crimes




Probation And Parole Violation



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My Criminal Defense Services

“I handle a wide variety of criminal law cases, including DWI, DUI, or OWI and traffic crimes, drug crimes, white collar crimes, Internet crimes, theft and fraud. Additionally, I handle matters that often arise during an arrest or after a case is resolved, including money and asset forfeiture, expungements and probation and parole violations.”
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My Mission To Serve You

My law firm was established to provide my clients representation that embodies:


“I believe in everyone’s right to the help of an attorney when facing criminal charges.”


“I care about more than just your case, I care about you and your future. I know that the outcome of your matter affects every aspect of your life.”


“I understand that the matter for which I am providing representation is the most important issue in your life. My firm and I are committed to helping you and your family through the difficult times.”


“Donald Cleveland is very professional, dedicated, hardworking, caring, supportive, and just an all around admirable guy. I could not have chosen a better attorney to defend me in court. Donald was successful in having both of my felony cases dismissed and he made it look easy. His first words to me were “this is not only about your freedom, but more importantly your future”. He made sure that I was able to be here for my family and raise my son. His staff is very friendly and respectful, and very involved, also keeping clients updated with the case and all scheduled court matters. I put all my trust into Donald Cleveland and his staff and they certainly did not disappoint. I could not recommend anyone better to defend anyone in a critical situation, and though he tells me everytime we speak to stay out of trouble, if ever needed I know who to call!”
S.P., February 2019
I just wanted to take a minute to say what an amazing blessing it was to have Donald Cleveland as our attorney. Incredibly emotional, confused, clueless, and just scared of the unknown he gave us hope. He and his legal secretary went to work that same day we hired him and a year later were still working hard toward our day in court. Thank you Donald for your professionalism, hard work, dependability and that ray of hope…you will always be remembered!
– Client

I Will Fight For Your Future

“There is more at stake than just the fines and immediate penalties. I know that your future and your family’s future are at stake — that is why I will fight for you. Whether you are facing drug, theft, OWI, DWI, or DUI, assault charges or any other criminal matter, you can turn to my law firm with confidence.”

We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and evenings or weekends appointments are available. Contact me online now online now or call 337-205-0319.

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